✨ NEWS ✨ From Sept 2023, I am starting a position as a Chargée de cours (equiv. Assistant Prof) at ISBA (Institute for Statistics, Biostatistics, and Actuarial Sciences) at UCLouvain (Belgium). I’ll start recruiting doctoral students and postdocs soon.

I am a research scientist at Stanford University, in the Department of Statistics, working with Prof. Holmes.

My research focuses on developing statistical methods applied to women’s health and menstrual health in particular. This includes research on fertility, on cycle-related symptoms and on drivers of changes in vaginal microbiota communities. I address my research questions by creating parametric and nonparametric statistical models of biological processes that I fit to multi-domain clinical data, self-reported digital records (data from mobile phone apps), and publicly available datasets.

Visual summary of research agenda.
Visual summary of research agenda

I obtained my PhD in computational biology from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), in Switzerland, where I worked on the molecular regulation of the circadian clock. In particular I was interested in the regulation of rhythmic gene expression and protein translation combining analyses of -omics data with mathematical models describing the regulatory dynamics to infer quantities otherwise not measurable.

I have also specialized in the visualization of data and, during my industry experience, have helped companies and organizations to take data-driven decisions.