cpass is an R package for the application of the C-PASS (Carolina Premenstrual Assessment Scoring System) procedure for the diagnosis of PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder) and MRMD (Menstrually Related Mood Disorder).

Installation instructions

  • To use this package, you need R installed on your computer. To install R, follow these instructions.

  • (optional) Once you have installed R, we recommend that you also install the programming environment RStudio, which makes it easier to interact with R. To download RStudio, go on their website and download their free Desktop version.

  • Once both of these are installed, open RStudio. If you need a crash course or a refresher on R, we recommend these tutorials as well as getting familiar with the tidyverse package suite.

  • Before installing the cpass package, make sure to install the devtools package by running, in your R console, the following two commands:



  • You can now install and load the cpass package with:

devtools::install_github("lasy/cpass", dependencies = TRUE)


Using the cpass package.

The package vignette, i.e. instructions for installing and using the package, can be found here. This vignette provides examples so that you can perform the same analyses on your data.

The description and validation of the C-PASS procedure can be found in Eisenlohr-Moul et al., 2016.

In addition to the C-PASS procedure for the diagnosis of PMDD and MRMD, the cpass package also proposes the diagnosis of PME (premenstrual exacerbation). This function is still experimental and has not been validated clinically. Please, use with caution.